Retail, Multi-Family and Office Property Management

Our fundamental management objective is to increase asset value through efficient and superior service and property operations. Our professional management and accounting techniques, talented, committed staff, aggressive cost reduction strategies and proven tenant retention programs form the basis of our successful management operations. Our organizational structure meets the needs of investors and owners alike.

Our Property Management Team leverages the full resources of all our staff. Our management structure eliminates unnecessary bureaucracy and allows for prompt responses to every request. All activity is coordinated through the Property Manager, so operations and communications are efficient and well-reasoned.

We have assembled a team with exceptional qualifications and extensive individual and collective experience in:

Tenant Relations

A strong, open relationship between manager and tenant is key to increasing property value and providing good service. Discussion with tenants regularly and providing excellent, responsive service is our only way of doing business. By keeping lines of communication open, we are able to better understand tenants’ needs and stay aware of changing conditions that can effect long-term value as well as the tenant’s overall experience.


Our management team leverages experience and resources to offer comprehensive and exhaustive budgeting for the benefit of the owners of our managed properties. Employing the industry-best YARDI software platform, we offer regular reporting and analysis of operational expenses to make sure costs are kept low and to avoid unpleasant cash flow surprises for property owners. We also apply these principals to CAM administration to keep CAM expenses low and maximize value to tenant and owner. Owners can draw on years of experience and data from our large base of managed properties to make reserve and capital planning strategies more intentional and less sporadic.

Cost Effective Purchasing

We conduct regular reviews of vendor contracts and negotiate contracts that allow your properties to receive the highest-level services at acceptable prices. We leverage our large base of managed properties to negotiate favorable contracts. Value gained is shared by all property owners.


By providing sophisticated accounting services and adhering to Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, we not only ensure transparency and efficiency in our management of your properties, but also retain rich data sets to help owners track increases in property value and justify higher prices should owners list properties for sale. We provide regular, useful reporting to stakeholders that incorporates actual/budget, past year, and industry benchmark comparisons.

Physical Plant Operations

We employ only the most qualified maintenance staff and vendors to manage the physical condition of your properties. We consider Physical Plant Operations to be a core competency for our firm and seek out opportunities to provide value to property owners by providing strategic maintenance and improvement programs while keeping costs at or below levels required by the property owner. All Physical Plant Operations activity is coordinated through the property manager to ensure appropriate communication and quality assurance through the planning, execution and inspection stages of work.

Preventive and Recurring Maintenance

We deliver Preventive and Recurring Maintenance programs for all properties that serve as long-term profit centers for property owners. We comprehensively seek out opportunities to extend the life and performance of building systems and ensure all strategies are executed to meet the highest standards of quality.

Risk Management

We utilize industry best practices to minimize liability and exposure without adversely effecting each property’s ability to generate income. Hazards are identified for each unique property and strategies are applied to limit risk.

Asset Management Services

The Asset Recovery Team consists of Sperry Van Ness affiliates that specialize in solutions for distressed assets and portfolios across the United States. The team designs and implements custom initiatives for assets that ensure maximum return to our clients.

Services include: Market Research & Asset Evaluation; Loan Workouts; Property Preservation; Risk Management; Asset Management; Leasing, Acquisition; General Brokerage; Accelerated Marketing; Auction; Sealed Bid; Online Sales; Note Sales

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