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Will U.S Property Market Benefit from Trump Presidency?

It’s too early to know exactly what a Donald Trump Presidency will mean for the commercial real estate industry. Despite an initial surge of volatility as the election results came in, the markets seem to have stabilized somewhat. The construction industry, along with the commercial real estate […]

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Deutsche Bank Fines: What does this mean for CRE?

Deutsche Bank shares continued falling after news broke that the U.S. Department of Justice was fining Germany’s largest lender a whopping $14 billion to settle claims over its issuance of residential mortgage-backed securities in the lead-up to the 2008 financial crisis. With Deutsche Bank being one of […]

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Commercial Real Estate Loan Maturity

Waiting for a loan to reach its maturity date without examining whether it might be open to early refinancing doesn’t make the loan better – it makes the lending opportunity more likely to pass by those lenders who wait too long. The smart move, then, is to recognize […]

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Commercial Real Estate Optimism

Commercial real estate executives appear relatively optimistic about the general state of the market in 2016, according to Forbes contributor, Hugo Moreno. In order to understand the current trends, challenges and outlook for the US Commercial Real Estate Industry, online research was conducted between Feb. 12 and […]

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Trends Reshaping Commercial Real Estate

Over the years the commercial real estate industry has transformed from a “mom-and-pop” industry to an institutional asset class where owners manage complex and global portfolios. While much of the world has embraced technology innovations, commercial real estate(CRE) was still managed out of 20-year-old platforms.  That’s changing. […]

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Office Trends to Watch

The office market is seeing slow but steady improvement that is expected to continue in the coming year. Office fundamentals are strong in both the national and Knoxville markets with positive absorption, low vacancy rates, and increasing rent. Office sales increased by 24% between 2015 and 2014, […]

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Retail Trends to Watch

The retail sector continues to slowly improve, defying the expectations of some. Retail sales are edging up, as are rents on retail properties. Retail vacancies hit a new post-recession low at 10.1%, and absorption has outpaced supply in 14 of the past 15 quarters. In Knoxville, vacancies […]

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Knoxville, TN: A Great Place to Do Business

Knoxville is an ideal place to open or expand a business, according to two new studies. Knoxville’s low costs and skilled work force make the city a perfect fit for companies looking for a quick and seamless startup. Knoxville ranked number four in the nation for cities […]

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Millenials Driving Craft Beer Growth

Beer lovers are willing to pay a little bit more for a beer that has more flavor, more variety, and more local appeal. Investors are taking note how important local craft beer purchases are–particularly with the 21-34 age demographic. Craft beer volume jumped 18% last year, and […]

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Strength in the Hospitality Sector

2015 has started out strong for many sectors of commercial real estate, and the hospitality sector is no exception. The start of the year has seen a high volume of deals, and the sector’s strength is expected to continue, with some projecting a 15% increase in global […]

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